Dekhn is Hassanyia slang for Mauritanians

Dekhnstan ((Mauritania) obviously is the land of the Dekhn  and is not to be confused with the other stans because it is located in Africa. Now, who are the “Dekhn”? Let’s begin with the easy part: I was born in Mauritania and currently live in the US. Literally, Adkhan means “ocre”, it’s a dark humor pun young Mauritanians use to describe fellow Mauritanians’ suntanned skin color; the idea is that they stand out (literally and figuratively) no matter what.

My main area of interest is civil rights in the Middle East and North Africa. Having lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East and North Africa, I am also likely to be adding my two cents worth on that region and a range of other topics. However, if you’re expecting more of the usual so-called “Arab perspective” you’re reading the wrong blog. By the way the singular of Dekhn is Adkhan.. Just an afterthought.

Oh, and please be tolerant as you are likely to see posts and links in a bunch of languages on this blog. Although this is not the United Nations but the world out there is not going to stop producing events just because we don’t speak its languages.

Finally, this is my own personal blog and reflects only my personal opinions.

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26 12 2009
bint battuta

Welcome to the world of blogging – at long last!

26 12 2009

Welcome to the blogosphere!

27 12 2009

Welcome to the blogosphere ya Nasser!

Buckle up your seat belt. 😉

28 12 2009

welcome si Nasser , zadet al barka 🙂

29 12 2009
Jillian C. York


30 12 2009

Ya Hala 🙂

21 01 2013

listening to Tinariwen, reading your posting, thinking of the desert and the people… tears just dropping.

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