#Mauritania opposition rally for anti-fishing treaty detainees

10 06 2011

RFD MP Nana Bint Cheikhna
(Photo: via Taqadoumy.com)

Today, Mauritanian opposition members of parliament joined a vigil organized by #Feb25 youth to demand the release of 5 detained activists. In a symbolic gesture, youth activist covered their mouths with adhesive bands to protest the government’s attempt to muzzle dissenters. In the meantime, MP’s from the RFD (main opposition party) and the UFP among others, expressed their support for the youth struggle and their firm opposition to the fishing deal which was approved by the current ruler’s loyalists in parliament. 

 The five activists were arrested during a protest they organized last week in front of the parliament in the capital city Nouakchott to block a fishing deal signed with a chinese company which is deemed a threat to Mauritania’s maritime ecosystem.the detainees were deliberately spread out on several police stations in Nouakchott after their fellow #Feb25 activists numbers grew steadily during vigils they held in front of the police station where the five were originally detained.

The five detainees are: 

– Naji Ould Abdallah 
– Mohamed Salem Ould Zoubeir 
– Omar Ould Khattary 
– Mohamed Ould Domane 
– Tar Ould Ahmed 



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